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- High Value Assets: Jewelry, Guns, etc
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- Discreet, NO Credit Check or Reporting
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NextPawn – Your very own online pawn shoponline-jewelry-pawn
NextPawn - a leading online jewelry pawn shop provides quick, safe and convenient way of borrowing money to people across Texas. With the entire process being carried out online, you can apply for a collateral loan from the comfort of your own home. The process is simple and straightforward. If you wish to pawn any asset at our online pawn shop, you need to fill out our “Request A Loan” form providing the details of the item. Our online pawn brokers will then contact you with an initial quote, agreeing to which, you can finalize the deal by sending us your asset via mail. Our pawn brokers will inspect it and confirm the value and send you an online loan document for your approval. The loan amount will then be transferred directly to your bank account within 48 to 72 hours.
In addition to providing asset based loans to our customers in Texas, our online pawn shop offers tons of valuable items for sale. Right from precious jewelry, gold bullions to high end watches and firearms, all of these can be purchased online.  Just email us at and our online pawn brokers will provide you quote for the item you are willing to buy.
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Low Credit Rating? - Apply for Online Pawn Loan at NextPawn:
Online pawn loans on jewelry, gold, guns, rifles, luxury watches offered by our online pawn shop can be a good option for customers with low credit ratings. Since there are no credit checks at our online pawn shop, you are able to obtain the much-needed funds without any hassle. What’s’ more? You have a choice not to pay back your online loan. However, for this, you will have to consider forfeiting the ownership of your pawned collateral.
With the added benefit of low interest rates (from 10% to as low as 1% per month), customers across Texas now have a place to turn for quick short term online loans – Depending on the value of the collateral, customers can obtain online loans of up to $16,500 from a single collateral item. You can apply for any number of loans at our online pawn shop.

We provide collateral loans on items of value including:

  • Gold  Jewelry, Earrings, Gold Rings, Gold Necklaces
  • Guns, Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns
  • Sterling Silver, Coins & Bullion
  • Antique & Estate Jewelry pieces
  • Broken Jewelry,  Gold Chains & Gold Bracelets
  • Luxury watches
Benefits of applying for online loan at our pawn shop:

  • Completely online process
  • Obtain funds within 48 - 72 hours
  • No credit check
  • No paperwork involved
  • Benefits of applying for online loan at our pawn shop.
  • Pawn Jewelry, Gold, Guns & Rifle from the comfort of your own home, office, or mobile device.

 Call us now at (855) 698 - 7296 or fill our online loan form. Our pawn brokers will contact you as soon as possible.